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AITP January Meeting

Event: James Bowen – Five Nines James Bowen is the owner and CEO of Five Nines Technology Group, the largest IT services company headquartered in Nebraska. James founded Five Nines in 2006 and the company quickly grew to landing on the INC 500 list of the fastest growing private companies in the United States from whichContinue reading “AITP January Meeting”

AITP December Meeting

Event: Amazon Fulfillment Center Virtual Tour Our friends at Amazon have offered a virtual tour experience to show the magic behind fulfillment centers around North America. This meeting is hosted by Amazon and will include other non-AITP members. Our members voted and we reached a tie between Option 1 and Option 2 time slots. Amazon hasContinue reading “AITP December Meeting”

AITP November Meeting

Speaker: Peter AmisanoPeter has worked in Information security and physical security for 25 years. Spending time in the US Army Infantry and Kansas City Police Department. In addition, he has worked with cyber forensic tools for over 10 years performing investigations relating to cybersecurity events. Peter is a longtime AITP member and our Treasurer on theContinue reading “AITP November Meeting”