AITP November Meeting

Speaker: Peter Amisano
Peter has worked in Information security and physical security for 25 years. Spending time in the US Army Infantry and Kansas City Police Department. In addition, he has worked with cyber forensic tools for over 10 years performing investigations relating to cybersecurity events. Peter is a longtime AITP member and our Treasurer on the board of directors.

Topic: Raspberry Pi and Ardunio
This meeting will discuss the possibilities with Raspberry Pi technology and Arduino boards. Covering topics and possible use cases such as radio transmissions and receptions such as HAM radio or HiFi digital audio. Also covering uses like PiAware which allows you to build your own ADS-B ground station to receive real-time data directly from aircraft. Along with Retro gaming, automated indoor gardens, uses with Apple car play and more!

Location: TCA @ SCC Room #200 (8800 O Street, Lincoln)
Location: Also available via Online Video Conference (Zoom)
Meeting ID: 943 8349 9141
Passcode: 689222
Cost: Free! Pizza provided to those attending in person with RSVP
Event Time: 11/18/2021 at 5:30 PM CST
RSVP: Please RSVP by NOON, Nov 16th to and let us know if you will attend in person or virtually.

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